Protein-Based Disease and Cancer Screening at the Point of Care

CerMark Point-of-Care

Screening at Point-of-Care

Oncogenesis is developing a stand alone low cost Point of Care means too screen a liquid based cervical sample in 12 to 15 minutes at the location of the patient be it remote locations, clinic or in a physicians office. The system consists off a disposable cartridge that handles the sample preparation and quantitavy remove the status of each of 4 markers.Using a non optical, electro chemical sensor nor only improves sensitivity, but allows a lower cost device. The cartridge is driven and read by a battery driven desk top system that reads 6 cartridges simultaneously.

Point-of-Care System

Designed as a novel stand-alone, point-of-care system for multiplex detection, the platform utilizes novel microfluidic disc architecture, providing full sample processing and testing capabilities amenable to low resource, remote locations.

The system is designed to work even in developing countries where trained personnel or access to clinical laboratory equipment are not readily available.  Utilizing recent advances in microfluidic designs, it will provide maximum biological information of the cervical cytology specimen with minimal operator effort.  

  • Employs proprietary microfluidics technology
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Self-contained single patient test cartridge
  • Up to 6 patient test cartridges per run
  • Emerging World Markets
    The system is being developed to address those markets with the most need for low resource screening, i.e., emerging world markets where women are not being screened due to a lack of cytology labs and trained personnel.
  • Developed World Markets
    In the developed world, additional opportunities include POC Cartridgeuse in the doctor’s office, pharmacies and clinics, providing immediate results to patients.