Protein-Based Disease and Cancer Screening at the Point of Care

Cervical Sampling Collectors

OncoGenesis has developed a next generation cervical sample collector for personal use.  The iPap Personal Cervical Sample Collector is designed for self collection by women, whether in developing world markets or as a take home test from the corner drugstore. Can be used for collection of various samples from cervical cells to STD’s.

…iPap Personal Pap Test Specimen Self Collector

iPap Kit 2

iPap is a new product OncoGenesis is taking to market to offer a woman the means of collecting her own sample with a patented collector and includes subsequent laboratory analysis by more sensitive and specific  means. Some women are prohibited and/or discouraged from going for regular cervical cancer screening due to cultural practices and religious beliefs. For this reason, OncoGenesis is offering a simple, inexpensive, and convenient private self-test that respects the individual privacy of women who might otherwise be reluctant to undergo screening.


The results of a recent study published in 2012 involved a field trial of cervical cancer screening using self-collected samples. This study included 20,461 women from India, Nicaragua and Uganda, and found that the sensitivity of a self-collected HPV sample (69.6 percent) was significantly better than the Pap smear (58.4 percent), and almost equal to that of a health worker-collected cervical sample (81.5 percent), for detection of precancerous cervical lesions. The fact that self-collected specimens from women who have received appropriate instruction produce test results similar to cervical specimens collected by health-care professionals supports the intention of OncoGenesis to market a self-collection, lab based, antibody kit used for personal cervical cancer screening.

The iPap sample is processed in a laboratory using standard procedures and equipment. This product is targeted for distribution to women in countries where women are often prohibited by religious or cultural beliefs to undergo a cervical sample collection process by medical personnel.

  • Provides a private, unique way for a woman to collect her own sample for cervical cancer screening purposes – does not require medical personnel.
  • Sample collection is a comfortable and easy process to perform.
  • iPap can be used to collect samples for a host of other tests (HPV, HIV, HBV, STD’s, etc)
  • The sample vial, into which the sample is placed, contains the same preservative used in LBC pap tests, is sent to the laboratory, clinic or pharmacy wellness center for testing.

CE-Mark Cleared

CerMap™ Sample Collection & Mapping Device

Simple Single-Step Sample Collection from Virtually 100% of Cervix.

Cost effective

  • Mapping reduces number and invasiveness of follow-up procedures
  • Mapping results allow for more directed biopsies

Higher patient satisfaction, less painful, more comfortable collection.


Pending FDA clearance in the U.S.