Protein-Based Disease and Cancer Screening at the Point of Care


The OncoGenesis strategy involves the adaptation of a microfluidics approach to support detection of cervical cancer biomarkers in solubilized patient specimens with Genesis™ POC platform.

The POC detection platform utilizes an integrated microfluidic device incorporating the detection sensor.  All processing steps associated with a typical immunoassay are contained within the device including all reagents on board.  The patient sample is introduced into the fluidic device and inserted into the POC instrument.  Functioning like a CD, the device is spun creating centrifugal forces (G-forces) to move the sample or reagents per a predetermined protocol.  The processed sample is finally moved to the detection areas where each biomarker is quantitatively measured by each sensor.  During the read step, electrical connection to the POC instrument are achieved and signals processed within the POC instrument electronics.  Each device can process multiple samples to meet desired throughput.  

The unique device allows for small volume fluidic circuits to minimize reagents, reduce incubation times, and reduce costs, all within a small footprint.  All fluids are contained internally in the device for safe disposal and eliminate the potential for any cross contamination between patient samples.