Protein-Based Disease and Cancer Screening at the Point of Care

Sensor Technology

mems-thermal-actuator-picThe CerMark™ point of care system is based on proprietary silicon-based biosensor technology which, unlike most IVD instruments currently in use, utilizes non-optical detection based on electrochemicals.  The sensor detects and amplifies the signals from electrochemicals that are produced by biochemical reactions. The advantage of such a sensor is signal amplification with very low background noise due to the fact that the amplified signal is an electrical current that is not affected by turbidity or other non-specific agents in biological samples which causes problems in the traditional optical detection systems and provides picomolar levels of detection of a target protein. The sensor’s silicon-based design makes it compatible with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), where all the test steps, including immunoassay and detection sensor, can be designed and manufactured in a single silicon chip.  MEMS format allows miniaturization of the test module that provides significant enhancement to the POC device, improves performance, simplifies instrument design, and reduces manufacturing cost.  This sensor combined with microfluidics is at the heart of the CerMark